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Electrolux ERG3313AOW

Integrated Larder Fridge

Electrolux ERG3313AOW Image
Fridge features:

You can store any food item in any section of the refrigerator that you want. Intelligent Free Store ® system automatically compensates for temperature and humidity throughout the refrigerator, so storage conditions are the same everywhere. This means that wherever you place an item, it will still be as fresh when you are ready to serve it!

With the new Space Plus ® drawer, you can store all your fresh fruits and vegetables. It is the largest vegetable drawer on the market with a capacity of 44 litres. It slides out on a rail making it possible to easily open and fill it. There is double layer inside to prevent contact with moisture, so the freshness is preserved.

You cannot check your refrigerator every minute of every day. But if the internal temperature rises, you might not know it until its too late. Temp Alert will tell you if this happens, by sending out an audible alarm and turning on a warning lamp.

With this fridge, you can join the LED revolution. This premium technology throws clear shining light in every corner of the refrigerator. The brightness increases gradually after you have opened the door. LED technology also uses 10 times less energy than standard technology and lasts throughout the life of the fridge.

Fast and safe cooling of the refrigerator with Shopping Mode function. After the refrigerator door has been open for a while - eg. while you pack your weekly shopping out - the sensors ensure that the refrigerator quickly cools down to the set temperature. Thereby, your food is always stored under the best conditions, and the freshness is preserved.

The newly developed door rack in half width can be pushed from left to right, so there are more options for placing food in the refrigerator.

The Holiday Mode function allows you to keep the refrigerator closed and empty during a long holiday period without the formation of a bad smell.

Door on door installation.
Fridge Gross Capacity : 332 Litres
Annual Energy Consumption: 145kWh
Noise Level: 34dB
CFC & HFC free, helping the environment.
Can be used independently or installed side by side with the EUG2243AOW freezer.

Energy Rating : A+
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1773mm x 540mm x 542mm
Minimum cabinet opening size (H x W x D): 1780mm x 560mm x 550mm

This integrated fridge has been replaced by a newer model:
ERC3214AOW (please click here to view), as of May 2015.
Otherwise please follow this this link to view our current models,