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Integrated Appliance Installation / Fitting Service

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Integrated Solutions also offer a fitting service for independently purchased integrated appliances.

The charge for fitting the first appliance starts from €80, and from €40 for each subsequent appliance.

If you would like a quote, please email with a list of your appliance brands and model numbers along with your general location. A phone number would also be helpful in case we need to clarify any details of your kitchen setup.

Gas hobs cost €200 to install, which includes a Registered Gas Installer Certificate, "Declaration of Conformance Certificate". Please note all new gas hob installations since 2014 require carbon monoxide alarms as per the 2014 domestic gas regulations (IS813-2014).
One to be located within 3 meters of the hob, and another/others to be located within 5 meters of all bedroom doors. A gas isolation valve is required within 1 meter of the hob. The electrical connection must be fused with a plugtop or fused spur.

If required we can supply and fit the following:

Carbon monoxide alarms, €40 each.
Gas isolation valve, €10.
Fused spur, €25.
Electrical plug €10.

There is a supplementary charge for locations outside Dublin County and surrounding towns. These rates are the same as our delivery charges set out in the "Areas Covered" section of the website.